Travel Guide to Seaside Heights

Seaside Heights, NJ : Besides its boardwalk amusement piers, park rides, arcades, and there's a very late and early morning nightlife of famous bars and discos. Seaside Heights has been rated 5 stars for fun.

Seaside Heights: Disneyworld on the Jersey Shore

Greetings from Seaside Heights, NJ!

Seaside Heights is at the height in July and August when every Wednesday night is like the Fourth of July with spectacular Fireworks off the beach between its two great amusement piers.

There's a Disneyworld and Great Adventure atmosphere in this Jersey shore beach town. Casino Pier has a brand new, state-of-the-art water park with the largest interactive play area on the North Atlantic Coast. The renovation of Jenkinson's Breakwater Beach Waterpark at Casino Pier (Formally Water Works) is a technicolor creation of water sports, water falls, water spouts, and water fun.

Funtown Pier is Seaside Height's classic amusement park with rides like the Ferris wheel, Roller Coaster and Tower of Fear. Fireworks display every Wed night 9pm in July and August

What makes Seaside Heights so popular? It might be that this Jersey shore boardwalk town has the most famous strip of bars for a rollicking night life. There is Bamboo Bar, Merge and Saw Mill, where drinks are only $1.00 on Friday and Saturday nights.

Hemingways Cafe has top notch singers, rock groups, and comedians. This is posted on its website: Attention smokers: An outdoor smoking bar is available at Hemingway's Cafe. Now you don't have to finish your drink in a hurry or leave it with a friend; just take it with you to the outdoor bar. If you stick around until last call at Hemingway's, you might as well just wait an extra hour or so for the sun to come up on the shore. After all, 4 a.m. isn't too far off from sunrise, now is it?

If you haven't stayed up too late doing the bar, concert and disco scene, you may have the energy to rent a jet ski in the morning. Jet Ski rentals are a cool thing to do in Seaside Heights.

The kids love Seaside Heights and so does the drinking age crowd. Is this a wild Jersey shore town? Check it out and decide for yourself. Treat yourself and the family to a Seaside Heights Vacation Rental.